Compromising Christians

Compromising Christians are those Christians that are mixing up two different things, they know what is right but mix it with doing what is wrong. Sadly, many Christians are compromising. The world today is affected by centuries of compromising. If no one compromises, the world today will retain its values since Jesus Christ is still walking here on earth. Compromising covers up a large array of definitions but we will tackle here about some key definitions. Compromising is as simple as disobedience and it is taking sin lightly.

Simple Things Matter. Did you know that playing  ungodly music is already a compromise? Listening to songs of this world is a very dangerous place for your ears. Watching pagan, satanic, immoral, filthy or ungodly movies or television shows or videos are also the likes. Magazines, reading materials, whatever you set before your eyes or ears that are not acceptable to God, then you are already compromising.

Don't Keep It. Walking on a store selling pornographic magazines and not objecting or speaking to the owner about it is already a compromise. Well I know it sounds like "heavy" but there is another way: pray about it and when you do it should come with an action because faith without action is nothing. Having also the opportunity to share salvation when you are being convicted is a compromise, you have their blood in your hands.

Bribing Faith. You have a friend who is not a Christian, you invited him to the church then he said like this, "I'll come with you if you come with me first to the bar", then you come with him so that you can make him go with you to the church. It's already a compromise.

What Comes Out. You use your tongue to worship God and you also use it in the same manner when cracking dirty jokes, gossiping, trash talking. We are held accountable for every idle word we say (Mat. 12:36). Singing ungodly songs is the same.

From Evil Hands to Yours. Buying items that came from thieves (piracy) is a compromise. A Christian should not promote these activities instead fight against them. If you found it enjoying because buying stolen items are much cheaper, you already forgot that God is exceeding in riches and can provide your needs and desires (Psalm 37:4)

There are too many examples to cite. I like to suggest a webpage and it shows a large example of Compromising Christians. Here's the link:

I hope after reading this we have learned how these things are taken seriously by the Lord. His standards are so high that He consider hatred as murder and lust as adultery. He is a God of serious orders but He is also a God who rewards those that obey Him with blessings that overtake and overflow. Obedience is a must.

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