Life in the Word Christian Church - Service Schedules

Visit our church on these schedules:

Prayer Meeting - Wednesday, 8:00 PM
Worship  Team Devotion and Practice - Saturday, 5:00 PM
Sunday Service - Sunday, 9:30 AM
Sunday School - Sunday, 10:00 AM
REBORN Youth Service/Fellowship - Sunday, 4:00 PM
Worship and Breakthrough Night - every 1st Friday of the month, 8:00 PM
TGIF (Thank God It's Fellowship!) - Friday, 8:00 PM
Corporate Prayer and Fasting - Saturday, 4:00 PM

May we see you on these schedules. God bless!

Life in the Word Christian Church
#3 Ninang Virginia St., BF Homes 1, Novaliches, Caloocan, Philippines

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