The Successful Revolution: Breaking Strongholds and Changing Your Life With a Hope

I want to share something about breaking strongholds, not just within ourselves, but also for our environment. Pastor Keith in LWCC told us about Kingdom System and I just want to impart my insight on it.

The Three Nations

Our lives can be compared to a nation, a nation budding on its own, innocent and young. There are two other nations. These nations are already established before you even when you were not born. The first nation is a Colonizing Nation.This nation searches for lands and occupies them for itself, just like when Spain colonized Philippines. You, as a nation, received this colonizing nation because of their offers: wealth, knowledge, technology, leisure and everything and as exchange, they get something from you as well: your crops, resources and produce. Little that you know, this nation turned you into a slave nation, getting more from your resources but you still need its benefits because you cannot stand on your own. Little parts of this slave nation now starts to long for freedom. Some will start a revolution and this revolution gives little hope for the slave nation. But the colonizing nation knew that someday there will be a revolution, they already planned ahead for this so that the slave nation can do nothing. This slave nation needs help. This nation now would choose whether to stay as slaves or to seek help from the third nation (sometimes these slave nations offer themselves as vessels for the colonizing nation).

Now the third nation plays its role (when the slave nation chose to seek its help). The third nation is a Kingdom Nation. This nation is stronger than the colonizing nation and this nation offers freedom from slavery, blesses them, establishing an army there and equips them for battle. Seeking help to this greater nation requires great guts and offering the King your loyal heart. Indeed there will be a war between this two nations, together with the little rebels of your own (the little hope inside of you). For sure, the Kingdom Nation will win and the slave nation will no longer be a slave but a colony of the Kingdom Nation.

The Meaning

The above story pertains to three certain characters. The slave nation is us, the colonizing nation is Satan and the kingdom nation was God. Do we know that everything in this world was dominated by Satan when Adam gave his right by submitting to his temptation? Now Satan uses the nations that he dominated to colonize others. How can it be? Well I can give some examples.

1.) The people around you - The people around you affects who you become. Your parents teach you, your friends influence you and your brothers also. When these people are colonized by Satan, more likely that you become colonized as well. Remember this: Satan always look for new nations to colonize, even the infants.

2.) Your environment and lifestyle - What you see in TV can also colonize you, even the games you play (I have written an article about a certain game here), or even the things we see. This are some tools that Satan uses to invade your mind to a state of slavery to your own environment.

There are many ways that Satan uses to invade you. By these things, he might get a foothold of you then eventually getting a stronghold of you, capable of even turning you to a monster. All of us, at first, should break these strongholds and break others strongholds. These strongholds might be smoking, drinking, pornography, adultery, drugs, cheating, gambling, stealing, or the words we speak. It is hard to get rid of it, and these strongholds can really get a hold of us like a steel chain. We become slaves to it, even if we want to get out of it, our flesh continues to seek it and do it all over again. Some people think they are free to the extend that they can do everything they want like the examples I have given - these people are actually slaves to sin and to Satan, they do whatever Satan wishes them to do. These people are completely colonized, even though they have some resistance, Satan knows it before you could ever know.

Breaking Through Your Own Nation

Getting rid of these strongholds and fortresses in us needs a much stronger force and I guess, by now, you should have known. This is the third nation. Our little rebels (the hope of change inside of us) needs to call out for help to this Kingdom Nation. Here comes salvation and faith. We should accept Jesus Christ as our King, Lord and Savior of our lives (to know more about this clicke here) and then we should let His will be done so that His kingdom might come (Matt 6;10). In that way, He can revive the nation that once was a slave. (Matt 6:33)

Colonizing Other Nation

By accepting God's offer, we should let His will be done in us so that His kingdom might come upon us and also to our environement and ALSO to the people around us. Before we can breakthrough other's strongholds, we should break ours first. We should not let any region of our body to be a spy or headquarters of the enemy. Our whole body should act as a nation with one desire, to love God above all and follow Him. If we are fully committed to Him, He will equip us and bless us and the other slave nations can be easily saved because we are in a much greater force (Romans 8:31).

The Revolution

Now to explain more, the little rebels I am talking about (if you haven't guessed), are the desire to change in someone's heart. I believe inside every person's heart, there is a hope for change and a hope for a better life. This hope is suppressed by the strongholds inside because the devil does not want some uprising or some kind of rebellion against his rulership inside someone. This revolution inside of each and everyone is the fuel for change and it should be directed to the true God so that it can be useful for someone.

The revolution should always continue in us because the devil is always there to plant some little culprits in your nation. Revolution means "turning", it means change. The earth continues to revolve endlessly, and we also need to revolve endlessly. We are being changed from glory to glory. Remember, everyday is a battle and we should not let the enemy gain a foothold on ourselves.

Final Toughts

We should have come to this conclusion, Satan is everywhere, he attacks and gains control over someone. People around us can be harm or for our good. REMEMBER that his offer will enslave you. REMEMBER that God offers a good future for His people so we should forget about what the devil offers. FINALLY, we should change our ways so that we can be perfected for God's use, breaking other's strongholds and setting his people free. Let HIS kingdom come to everyone!

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