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Taken at the LWCC multipurpose hall
during the 1st Youth Anniversary.
Reborn Youth is the Life in the Word Christian Church Youth Ministry situated in Caloocan City, Philippines that is currently being led by advisers Ferdinand Javier and Tess Diaz and under the leadership of Nicole Ricafranca. It is the former "LWCC Teens" group that was led by former adviser, Ellen Gelera. Reborn Youth is committed to serving God and fulfilling the great commission through reaching out the people, especially the youth, of our community, making disciples and ministering to build each other on the Gospel, to edify the Church, to praise and worship God, and to show the glory of the Lord, God Almighty.

Brief History

Reborn Youth was once called the LWCC Teens from years 2001 to 2009. The original pioneers were NJ Gelera, Queenie Gelera, Angel Angeles, Aaron Angeles, Nicole Ricafranca, Cela Descalsota, Ezekiel Diaz and Avy Pingol. The Teens were once led by former adviser Ellen Gelera. During this time period, bible studies were regularly held at the Gelera's house every Friday night. The Teens held sports-fests and special presentations on some special church occasions.

On September 7, 2009, the term Reborn Youth was coined by Angel Angeles during a conversation with NJ Gelera at the house garage of the Dalbies which is the house of LWCC head pastor, Rev. Keith Richard Dalby. The idea came from the verse in the bible: Galatians 2:20, particulary speaking about what being a Born Again Christian really means. That same day, the idea of putting up a blog was decided. Angel Angeles created the Reborn Youth Blog immediately after that night. It took a long time before the name Reborn became the official name of the youth ministry of LWCC.

On July 11, 2010, the first official youth service was launched. It was called 7/11 Day pertaining to July 11. The youth is now being led by advisers Ferdinand Javier and Tess Diaz and with the presidency of Nicole Emily Ricafranca. The fellowship became regular until today. Another ministry of the Reborn Youth emerged during the month of March 2011and was called "Yakap Bata Outreach" where the youth will go to a local juvenile correction center (specifically Yakap Bata Holding Center) and preach the Gospel. It started as a one day event and later became a regular ministry.

The first Reborn Youth anniversary was held on July 24, 2011, entitled "La Revolucion", with a great breakthrough with the Lord's grace. The worship was led by Brenda Juan and Ferdinand Javier and the message was delivered by Pastor Delia Dalby. This is also the day that the first official shirt of the Reborn Youth was released.

Today, the Reborn Youth is still growing, continuing to serve God and being changed from glory to glory. We will not stop the fire until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We extend our gratitude to Pastor Keith Dalby and Pastor Delia Dalby for supporting us throughout the years.

THE REBORN YOUTH IS A MINISTRY AIMED TO BUILD EACH OTHER UP IN CHRIST AND TO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS IN THE COMMUNITY. We are fully convinced to minister to God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strenght and with all our mind.

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