Music Workshop 2011 (Day 1)

Now, giving the opportunity to all members of Reborn Youth Fellowship, a chance to serve the Lord and His people. Music Workshop 2010 is lead by me (Angel) and is ongoing. Anyone is welcome to join the workshop.

First Day

• To all keyboard students, just remember the 1-5-4 positions for the major chord on the keys, 1-4-5 for minor chords, your assignment is to draw all the natural (no sharp, no flat) chords.

• To all guitar students, master the first two faces of the barred chords I have thought you this Sunday because you need those to master all the chords.

• Bass students, practice memorizing the notes on the fretboard and practice finger picking (index and middle finger). As to Nicole, I have already given you an exercise on hammer-ons.

Have a nice practice time - for the glory of God.

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