The taste of First Love By:ckd

The taste of First Love


Love God above all

Let yourself to fall

To fall in love deeper in his presence

To fall in love in reading his word and essence

Serenade him through worship

Offer Him your time and prayer that is sincere and deep

Just as He had Shown His Love for us through the cross

Why not give the best service to our great Big Boss

Being the First means to set priorities according to His will

To seek his kingdom and righteousness for real’

Love him with all your heart

Then it would be easier for you to obey and serve without a doubt

Love God with all your mind and strength

To extend hand up high the distance and wavelength

To dance like no one is watching

And to sing praise like no one is listening

He deserves to be love

A love that no man can surpass, a love that we need to have

We love him because he first love us

He is mindful to each one, even seemed like a dust

Give him your heart and soul

And you shall receive fullness of joy

There is no sweeter thing in this world

but to be one with the first gentleman ever breathed “JESUS CHRIST”

Nvmber 1, 2010


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