Should A Christian Vote?

"SHOULD A CHRISTIAN VOTE?" - This is a fairly asked question among Christians today but it is an intriguing question that is still unanswered.

For me, there is nothing wrong with not voting and voting. Voting is for the betterment of our country and if not voting is your means for the betterment of the country, it's up to you if you'll vote or not and being a Christian is not really a hindrance in voting.

There is no such verse or passage in the Bible that says something wrong about voting. Voting is not a sin, it is a gift for the people, a chance to speak and a chance for a change. God has given us the wisdom and we, as Christians, should use it in voting. We should clearly know who are we voting for and why. Ask wisdom from the Lord and He will give it freely (James 1:5).

Some Christians disagree with voting. They said that when Jesus is still living on the earth, He did not vote. Yes, it's true. But remember that He is God and He had perfect free will. He doesn't even have a need to vote because He can elect anyone He wants. "With God all things are possible" and when He said ALL it is really a big ALL and nothing has exception. Christians don't vote just because Jesus didn't vote or they are saying that they are hindering the will of God if they'll vote. The will of God will never be put to existence without a medium and we are that medium.

Not voting is also not wrong, remember that God has given us free-will. If praying for the people is your choice then go for it but still you can vote, just remember to register before registration closes. Praying for the leaders is a good choice but it can be better done when we vote for the right leader (which is through wisdom and revelation of God). We can also pray in tongues to get the most out of it (suggested best) but still voting is putting it into action. If you did not vote, you just lost a once-in-six-years opportunity to change a government. Your one-in-a-million vote is a very important factor.

Now, voting should not be a big issue in the Church. It will not guarantee salvation. Voting is an instrument for building a better nation but without God in your actions it are nothing. Do everything unto the Lord.

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