Bible Studies Resumed and TPOLCF Mini Concert

After a very busy February we can now resume the regular bible studies, still at Sundays, 5 pm. Unfortunately, I and Cela will not be available by the next Sunday due to the rescheduled piano lesson. NJ, will be the speaker of the next bible study so watch out for it.

A few hours before, we've been to The Path of Life Christian Fellowship  and there was a lot of joy in the Holy Ghost (Adrian??? :P) and we're all blessed. We've also missed Ptr. Jon-jon Icban and his family. If I can just extend my gratitude to you guys right now...

Guitar training will also be on next sunday 2 pm. Venue will be decided by this week. Also, Worship Night this Friday, don't miss it.


@NJ, Please prepare a post for your topic in Sunday and post it here. This also applies to everyone who will lead a bible study. I encourage everybody to post in this blog and share your Christian experiences. God bless!

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