The Zealots of Today

Last year's a very good year for me. I've visited many churches and learn many from each and have distinguished one common similarity about these churches. I may give this credit for the youth groups in these churches. These youth groups are the one called "zealots" in the churches.

I have an encounter with Victory Church International Christian Ministries in Camarin, Caloocan. I have observed their youth and noticed that almost all of them are being prepared to be a pastor! These dudes are real zealots. Each one of them (even though a very small church) had a disciple and they've been trained to evangelize and disciple. I was also invited to a youth fellowship on regular sundays called 'Youth Stop' at Emmanuel Christian Ministries International (am I right?). My friend, Joef, said to me that their goal is to gather 100 youth. I am very blessed to hear that. He added that they are moving house to house spreading the Gospel.

These people, the youth, are very energetic physically and spiritualy. They have been much active than the more adult church members. We, as a youth and having that same energy and zeal and enthusiasm, have to be more active. We shouldn't be exclusive to our church, we should show the community the real light.

Timothy, a disciple of Paul and considered him as his own son, was trained like the way these youth people are trained. Likewise we should train ourselves to the true war in the heavenly realms. More over, Timothy was a respected Christian in his hometown of Lystra, he became an example towards the elderly being a young man. The biggest responsibility given to him was to handle a small church at Ephesus. It's a big responsibility for a young person but being a Christian it's a very great opportunity to serve the Lord.

We also, should have the same vision. We all have been given the authority to trample over snakes and serpents: over trials and strongholds of the enemy and his minions. Weeven  have the power to lead a small church! We are being prepared for a greater level of Christianiy and a better craft. God's craft shall we do. What Jesus can do we also can do! Have the eagerness to serve and He will satisfy you.

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joef ivan said...

Y-S.T.O.P (Youth, Saved and Transform to Overcome the Planet) - 1 Jn. 5:5

thanks bro. for acknowledging our youth. lets continue praying for our church ministries..may the Lord impart His richest blessings to us. :-)

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