Ed Lapiz Messages Directly From the Net

No radio at home and desperate for Pastor Ed Lapiz's inspiring messages? Well, there's good news as we continue on this article.

MP3 players today have radio capabilities which enables you to listen to your favorite FM station BUT there's no AM stations. Pastor Ed Lapiz's radio messages is aired on AM  (probably up high the tuner, don't know it 'coz my mom's the one tuning it) on DZAS. It's called Day by Day.

Good news for all! There's a collection of the best Pastor Ed Lapiz messages on the net! They're on http://inspiringentries.com/ed-lapiz-audio-messages/. And a better news: all of the audio messages are downloadable!

Pastor Ed Lapiz's messages are very inspiring and very practical especially for the Filipino folks because he's a real patriot. He also encourages filipino folk/ethnic instruments in worship and that's a real Christian innovation! For more info about Pastor Ed Lapiz visit http://www.edlapiz.com/?page_id=2. Happy tuning!

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