2010's Comeback!

It's been a while since the Reborn Youth posted on this blog. Life's though and a little busy this past few weeks and with the mix of some struggles and trials one of us must face it made us feel tired. I now praise God because He had given us again the fire and the strength. We will soon be posting again more often this coming days and for the year of 2010.

It's Already 2010!

I may be a little late (duh) to say this one but for us Reborn its' really late for us to make this resolutions literally. The past year's almost a none year. We're going fo a come back! We've decided to make larger goals and more Christ-centered and it challenges everyone of us. This year we have goals that Reborn have never done before and it will be a breakthrough not even in our youth group but also it will impact the whole church and the community around us.

The Great Commission

Jesus Christ had left us one mission to fulfill. It is very notable in the story when Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow Him and to become "fishers of men". We also have that duty: that we spread the Gospel to the world and to make them follow Jesus Christ. We now have our goal to double our numbers.

We, the Reborn Youth, have decided to be back on our first love!

Sunday Bible Studies**

By the way, we will now resume the bible studies (which is once stopped due to busy scheds) but this time it will going to be on Sundays, 5:00 pm. Everyone will be having the opportunity to preach therefore training everyone in God's presence. Everyone who is willing to teach on a bible study is required to inform a youth leader a week before and it is only during a bible study before the next.

Also, please inform the other youth members/leaders if one cannot attend a bible study or will be late. First bible study will be at NJ's house and I will be the one to preach first so better be excited! (^_^)

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