Practical Discipleship - Intro

By Jason Weimer, Western Pennsylvania Catalytic Team

So, you want to disciple others. What does that mean? How do you do it? Unfortunately, the following is a common experience for many who have great intentions of leading others closer to the Lord.

You start a discipleship relationship with someone, and you ask him what areas of his walk with God he’d like to grow in. They share a few struggles with you and for the first few weeks, it’s great. You’re helping him overcome some struggles and develop in their walk, but then, after the first few appointments, it starts to get stale. You are struggling to find topics to talk about. You don’t seem to be making much of an impact. Your disciple starts dozing off during your appointments. Eventually you either stop meeting or resort to going through a book of the Bible together, and it becomes more of a weekly Bible study than anything else.

Have you ever had this experience or one similar? If you have, or if you’re just looking to start
discipling others and want to know how to do it, this article is for you.

Deep, life-changing discipleship isn’t a far-off dream; it can be a reality for you with a few tips, some practice, and a lot of prayer. Hopefully these pointers can start you off in the right direction. ...To be continued on the DISCIPLESHIP SERIES...

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