Again... (Dec. 31 Thanksgiving)

This is my newest post after a series of very busy days. I've been working on many college assignments and my thesis and I lacked time for the blog. It's a very tiring week and many activities happened. Anyways here are the latest news around the REBORN community.

Nov.8 - It was another tiring but gorgeous Sunday for the youth. The day seemed to be a lot different than before. We have initiated a Reborn/Pre-Teens Joined Fellowship for our youth to be more exposed to many possibilities of all kinds. We ave shared messages for each other and we seemed to be bonded perfectly by the love of Christ.

It was also the birthday of Adri and Kiel as well as Alyanna ("Alyansa" they call her). Of course tita Susan, Tita Tess and my Mother (Gilda) preapared a very special meal for the day. We all got home almost crawling out of fullness. It was a very fun day.

We have also planned for a drama presentation on December 31 (probably) about the sum up of all the preaching this year. As usual EBOK is still the protagonist (yeah) so everyone will have some hard time laughing again on that day I assume. Adri said: "Seryoso na talaga to", but kuya Nestor said "Yang pagiging seryoso mo ang nakakatawa", so that means that Adri's seriousness in doing this drama will make it more humorous than a dramatic presentation. Everyone's participating and it seems that this Christmas will be a lot different than what it used to be. Thanks to all the Reborn Youth and also to all Pre-Teens that will participate in the coming dramatization.


Yesterday I've deleted all of the unverified email subscription accounts that are already stagnant. Please re-subscribe to REBORN email updates to start receiving your daily email updates.  Please DON'T FORGET TO VERIFY...

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