Why Going Green is Christian

Why Going Green is Christian
We are All God's Stewards Over the Environment

Global Warming or no Global Warming - does it really matter? As Christians we are called to protect God's creation. References to the Earth and all of the living and non-living parts of it are present throughout the scriptures, so why is it that so many of us resist taking care of the Earth...a gift from God that protects and sustains us? Well, it's time that Christian teens everywhere do what they can to be stewards over God's creation.

Going Green is Not a Fad

We all need the Earth to stay healthy to survive, as God provided us with all the resources we need right here. If you think "Going Green" is something new, take a look at your Bible. There is verse after verse about caring for the environment and all of God's creation. So, being a good steward over God's creation is not something new, but instead a responsibility we must all undertake.

The Reality of the Damage We Do

Just looking at the Scripture gives us guidance as to what we are supposed to do with God's creation. Yet, the reality of what's happening around the world allows us to take that scripture to heart.

Here are some startling facts (and this is only some of the story!):

1. 3 million people are killed each year by outdoor air pollution that is attributed to vehicle and industrial emissions.

2.40,000 children die each day from preventable diseases.

3.50 to 100 plant and animal species become extinct each year because we destroy their habitats.

The Reality of Going Green

Okay, so being a steward over God's creation sounds great and responsible, right? Well, deciding to be more environmentally friendly is the easy part. Doing it becomes harder. Going green means keeping yourself educated on what does and does not do damage to the environment. It can also mean spending a little more money or giving up some conveniences. There are some simple ways to go green, but Christian teens have to be prepared to give some things up that do real damage to the Earth. It's not easy to give up those old habits, so just take things one step at a time. Start with the small things like putting your cans and bottles in a recycling bin or taking a shorter shower. Then move onto the bigger things like buying organic and locally grown products. Eventually becoming environmentally friendly won't be a big deal, it will just be a natural thing to care for God's creation.

God Bless!

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