What If... Your Parents DON'T Allow You To Go To Church?

I've got some young people around me that asks me on about their parents that don't let them to go to church. These youth are ministering in the church for months or years and their parents are not yet Christians, suddenly their parents don't want them to continue going to the church. PLEASE, don't argue with your parent because God has answers for everything. If your parents don't want you to go to church, then BE THE CHURCH.

I wanted to answer these questions generally. First, I want to know what's the cause why your parents stops you from going to church. Many youth are ministering in the church, giving all their strength and their might at lahat ng meron sila but at home their not doing well with the family. The fruits of the Holy Spirit should be seen in YOU! Dapat magministry ka muna sa family because God wants balance. You should show your family what God has done for you and how He has changed your life.

Eh pano kung pareho namang good standing ako sa both sides, sa church at sa family? Maybe you lack in prayers for your family. Remember that prayer changes things. If your parents are devoted in their religion maybe that's another cause and they wanted you to join them. That's a hard decision but you should be wise. Never exchange God just for obedience. Sobrang masunurin mo na that even si God hindi mo na sinunod. If this is the case explain it to them in humbleness and obedience. Be polite and honest, be in the spirit as you talk to them and pray in the back of your mind. Most importantly have FAITH.

What if my parents are already Christians and go to the other church and they also wanted me to be with them sa kabila? Simple lang, just obey. All churches are the same but you should have the wisdom to know the right teaching kasi baka naman ang tinuturo na doon ay doktrina ni Hudas na. Just follow them. Iisa lang ang Diyos ng lahat ng churches, magkakaiba lang ang authorities at leaders at hindi naman mawawala ang Spirit of the Lord sa lugar na iyon. God is everywhere.

But what if your situation is far from what I have already stated, You should ask your pastors about that and maybe your pastors can speak to your parents in behalf of you then your parents can understand you now. tandaan mo na ang first commandment na merong promise: "Honor your father and your mother that it may be well with you". Pero kung ayaw talaga pumayag gawin mo yung unang sinabi ko: Just show them what God has done in your life, be the light in your home, do your ministry inside the family and serve God through that.

Tandaan niyo na hindi gusto ng Lord na mahiwalay kayo sa presensya niya pero lahat ng bagay may dahilan at lahat ng nangyayari siguradong resulta iyon ng mga ginagawa natin. Hindi man natin alam kung ano ang dahilan pero sigurado iyon. God just tests your faith.

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