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What it feels to be Reborn?

Reborn, in a way of restoration and revival

A gigantic life changing process that is spiritual

A turning point and commanding edge

The wisest decision a man can pledge

To be Reborn is to be refurbish

To reconstruct your spirit and replenish

It is as much as head bow down

To pick up your sword and fight for the crown

To be reborn is to re-kindle the fire

To be rejuvenated and fervently aspire

A new creation is made known

The new biblical character will be shown

Being a Reborn youth is not trouble-free

It is not an imaginable and expected sequence to be

It takes a lot of pain

Trials and obstacles you will gain

Temptations and tribulation is at hand

A test to your patience and squeezer of sweat gland

Nerve-wracking and ground breaking crisis

A circumstance that no man can’t cease

Regardless of the situation and at all cost

God will provide a way of escape away from lost

In the end we will still be reborn

In heaven, gems and crystal in our head will be adorned.

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God bless us


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nicky said...

i like it ck. :)

nosebleed girl. :)

Angel said...

aus huh!! di ko p nbbsa ng buo.,. mamay bbsahin ko n ng buo!! hahaha. (^_^)

Nj said...

gosh yhour sho soshal

haha just kidding!(^_^)

ok yan!

ckd said...

ano..ayos ba..approve? :) like it ? :) subscribe for more!

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