First Reborn Youth Night (Overnight)

Yesterday's a bit tiring day but it's worth it. After the service the Reborn youth stayed for a practice for the presentation of Hellsong. After that we need to prepare for the practice for the Youth Night. It was a sequence of tiring activities but a lot of fun.

I was very blessed and most of the youth (about 99.9%) are very blessed and many said that they missed the feeling of worshiping God because there were no restraints. I was shocked that the energy of the youth are overflowing. There so many encores and the music team (us) cannot continue to play because we are all so tired. The strings of the two guitars were cut off during the encores and that was a shocking experience that the energy of the youth are very high. I was laughing at Regenald (guitarist) because his #1 string was cut off and still continue to play. After that another round of heartwarming worship made all of our eyes flood with tears. It was the Holy Spirit moving in our midst. It was a full revival night.

It was 10:30 pm when the Youth night ended and we planned for the overnight. Pastor Nestor asked us if we still want to practice (because we only got that day and the following) and one of us shouted "yes". It was Adrian. In my head I was saying that we should stop because my arm was aching that night after because of the long worship run. But our practice blessed us. We ended our practice at exactly 12:00 am. It was first time in our church for us to stay until that time and still not sleeping.

We continued our practice the following morning and we finished the whole song. We created all the steps for our presentation within one day and a half! I know that it is God who blesses us with the creativity and eagerness. All was total blessing.

I encourage all of the Reborn to continue walking in the path of our Lord Jesus Christ and to show His greatness towards our fellowmen. God bless!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! so quick to post your latest gig! galing... congrats, and more power, more anointing, and more revival fire!!! (Tita Del)

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