Faith + Hope + Love - Hillsong's Latest Album

Album information

Recorded LIVE in March 2009, over 3 weekends and locations, the people of Hillsong Church gathered across our city - in their respective campuses - and then united together as ONE in celebration of an ever good and gracious God. Led by the Hillsong worship team including Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston and Hillsong UNITED this album features 13 songs of FAITH in the midst of personal circumstances, HOPE in Jesus for the future, and LOVE – one for another.

Joel Houston was quoted saying:
"Beyond the sound, the rhythm, the art... beyond the strings, the keys, the melodies... beyond the stage, the set, the lights... are the PEOPLE. Ordinary men, women & children, from all walks of life, in all sorts of circumstances and each one with a unique story to tell. This is the Church... and this is Hillsong's 18th Live praise and worship album 'faith+hope+love'. EveryONE together playing their part and lending their voice to the collective story, OUR story. The prayer is that 'Faith+Hope+Love' will breathe the light, love and freedom of Christ into your life, and continue to give expression to what God is doing in and through PEOPLE all over the Earth."

The songs "You Hold Me Now" and "No Reason to Hide" are also featured on the latest Hillsong United album Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls, released May 2009.

This is the first Hillsong Live album that does not feature worship leader Marty Sampson since "For This Cause" in 2000.

This album was released in Spain July 28, 2009.

Track listing (CD)

  1. "First and the Last" (Joel Houston & Reuben Morgan) Worship leader: Joel Houston - 5:02
  2. "For Your Name" (Jad Gillies, Houston & Morgan) Worship leader: Jad Gillies - 4:03
  3. "Glow" (Matt Crocker & Houston) Worship leader: Dave Ware - 4:58
  4. "It's Your Love" (Mia Fieldes) Worship leader: Darlene Zschech - 8:33
  5. "I Will Exalt You" (Brooke Ligertwood) Worship leader: Brooke Ligertwood - 7:42
  6. "Yahweh" (Reuben Morgan) Worship leader: Dave Ware - 7:18
  7. "No Reason to Hide" (Crocker & Houston) Worship leader: Joel Houston - 3:44
  8. "God One and Only" (Jonathon Douglass & Sam Knock) Worship leader: Jonathon Douglass - 3:31
  9. "The Wonder of Your Love" (Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring & Marty Sampson) Worship leader: Darlene Zschech - 4:58
  10. "His Glory Appears" (Marty Sampson & Darlene Zschech) Worship leader: Brooke Ligertwood - 3:20
  11. "We the Redeemed" (Jill McCloghry) Worship leader: Jill McCloghry - 7:32
  12. "We Will See Him" (Robert Fergusson & Morgan) Worship leader: Reuben Morgan - 6:42
  13. "You Hold Me Now" (Crocker & Morgan) Worship leader: Jad Gillies - 8:17
 This is the latest Hillsong album. Download their songs from Limewire.
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